Noci  ( “walnut trees“, “I Nusce“ in dialect)

Strategically placed right in the heart of Puglia, many interesting towns and sights are just a short drive  from Noci. It’s only about 10 kms from Alberobello, the famous “ trulli capital“ and UNESCO World Heritage site,  but isn’t at all touristy and this is probably one of its most endearing features, as there’s an authentic, quieter, more laid-back feel about the town.

Wander through the winding streets and tiny  courtyards of the white-washed “centro storico“, where you come across little shops selling all sorts of local delicacies (e.g. focaccia or mozzarella), and a plethora of restaurants offering great quality, authentic regional dishes and low prices. Noci is, after all, known far and wide as a “citta enogastronomica“, and throughout the year there are several gastronomic festivals and cultural events that attract visitors from all over Italy and abroad (“Bacco nelle gnostre” is one of the most important wine festivals).
Or chill out on the main square with a delicious home-made ice-cream from one the excellent cafés there. Piazza Garibaldi is where groups of old and young meet up, depending on the time of day. In summer, there’s often some kind of musical entertainment in the evening and the locals don’t go home till the early hours.

Set on a small hill, Noci is renowned for the quality of its air. The area is also famous for the beautiful black Murgese horses.

In the apartment you will find plenty of information on what to see in the area, or on various restaurants in and around Noci – many of the nearby farms, or  “masserie“ have  restaurants serving their own produce, for example –  and Vincenzo and Rosemarie are always glad to give insider tips on where to eat or go shopping, or help to arrange trips and tours.

For sporting activities, the town also offers a wide range of facilities.

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